Friday, March 13, 2020

75 Terms Pertaining to Color

75 Terms Pertaining to Color 75 Terms Pertaining to Color 75 Terms Pertaining to Color By Mark Nichol This post lists numerous nouns and adjectives that describe or pertain to qualities of color, plus brief definitions. 1. ablaze: bright and full of light or color 2. bleached: washed out as a result of exposure to chemicals or sunlight 3. bold: very bright, clear, or strong in color 4. brash: contrasting vividly 5. bright: filled with light, or having a light but strong color 6. brilliant: very bright 7. chatoyant: having a changeable color 8. chroma: purity of color 9. color scheme: combination of colors used in a design 10. colorful: distinguished by bright colors or many colors 11. colorless: lacking color 12. complementary: matching well 13. contrast: differences in color or light 14. cool: containing blue or green 15. dappled: marked with spots of color or light 16. dark: heavily saturated 17. deep: see dark 18. delicate: a charming or dainty quality 19. depth: brightness of a color 20. discolored: see faded 21. dusty: dark or dull 22. faded: lacking brilliance or freshness 23. fast: resistant to fading 24. fauve: see vivid 25. festive: bright and cheerful 26. fiery: very bright red, orange, or yellow, or a combination of two or three of these colors 27. flamboyant: brightly or elaborately colorful 28. flaming: bright or glowing red, orange, or yellow 29. fluorescent: very bright and reflective 30. gay: see brilliant 31. glowing: see bright and warm 32. ground: color used as a base in painting 33. harmonious: pleasantly complementary 34. harsh: excessively bright 35. hue: color 36. intensity: see chroma 37. iridescent: showing various colors in different types of light or from different angles 38. light: pale or minimally saturated 39. loud: ostentatiously bright 40. matching: of the same color 41. medium: between light and dark 42. mellow: clear, warm, and soft 43. monochrome: made of one color or of shades of one color 44. monotone: uniform 45. multicolored: consisting of many colors 46. muted: soft, not bright 47. nacreous: see iridescent 48. neutral: not bright or strong 49. opalescent: see iridescent 50. pastel: pale and soft 51. pearlescent: see iridescent 52. psychedelic: very bright, with busy patterns 53. pure: clear, unmixed 54. rich: deep, vivid 55. riot: disorderly or random 56. saturation: see chroma 57. shade: a variation of a color caused by the addition of black 58. sickly: unpleasantly pale 59. sober: plain, not bright 60. soft: pale and gentle 61. somber: dark and dull 62. tinge: slight shading 63. tint: a variation of a color caused by the addition of white 64. tonal: pertaining to a tone 65. tonality: range of colors in a painting or image 66. tone: see shade 67. translucent: very light or pale or light 68. two-tone: having two colors 69. value: degree of brightness 70. vibrant: bright and colorful 71. violent: very bright, intense 72. vivid: very bright, strong 73. warm: containing red, orange, or yellow 74. washed out: pale, desaturated 75. watery: pale Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Vocabulary category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:The Royal Order of Adjectives 25 Russian Words Used in English (and 25 More That Should Be)Personification vs. Anthropomorphism

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