Monday, February 10, 2020

Research Exercise 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Research Exercise 5 - Essay Example Each answer must include references to each article you have used to answer each question: The Data Management Forum of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) has defined ILM as â€Å"a new set of management practices based on aligning the business value of information to the most appropriate and cost effective infrastructure† (info Stage 1: Identify the need: ILM can be required for two basic reasons. The first one is to implement storage tiers to reduce costs and the second is to meet regulatory requirements. An ILM strategy should only be implemented when needed and after determining what the need is. ILM is a need based focused approach to value based data management. Stage 2: Define your ILM Strategy: the concept behind this stage is to determine the value of data. The issue with this is how to value data properly. For this the aspects of the data that need to be analyzed are user, who is accessing the data, key words and file type. Stage 4: Talk to the Vendors: This refers to networking with industry professionals, vendors, consultants and reading product reviews to determine which vendor is providing the products which provides maximum number of solutions. It does not encourage limiting yourself to only one vendor to supply all solutions. 1. As far as regulatory issues are concerned, they apply to all data including desktop machines, remote offices and home offices and is not limited to server data only. This is a major threat to information security. Search the database of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and locate 5 articles that relate to various topics covered during ICT265, such as unauthorised access to records, Ecommerce transaction, etc. Summarise the results of your searches below. 1.ID Theft, ID Scanning and Online Privacy: According to a survey conducted by the Australian Privacy Commissioner, the recent technological developments are a threat to the

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