Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Management Theories by Morgan, Fayol and Taylor Research Paper

Management Theories by Morgan, Fayol and Taylor - Research Paper Example The Fourteen principles that have been set down by Fayol are discussed in detail below: Specialization of Labor: Fayol’s first important principle was aimed at the specialization of labor. This is a very important aspect of management and needs to be taken into consideration while managing people. This is an important aspect of management. Specialization encourages continuous improvement in the skills and involves the development of improvements in methods. This is very beneficial for the companies and provides the company with better-skilled individuals, which in turn improves productivity. Authority: Authority plays a very important role in management and is very essential in managing people. It focuses on the right to give orders and show authority. Giving authority to a person means giving the person the right to do things. Also, a responsibility normally arises where a person is given the authority. Discipline: The next aspect is discipline this mainly deals with the idea of ensuring there is no slacking, bending of rules, and that all employees are obedient and respectful in the organization. It is essential that employees must obey and respect the rules that are prevalent in the organization. If there is effective leadership within an organization and a clear understanding between management and workers in regards to the organization’s rules, the discipline will be at the optimum level. Unity of Command: Unity of command refers to a situation where every employee has just one boss. This is essential to ensure management of the people is not confused between the needs of different people at different time. This plays a very important role as if every employee has just one boss, the employees will be more productive if the command is from one superior to avoid any confusions in the final outcome. Unity of Direction: Unity of direction is the next important aspect in the 14 principles by Fayol. This is very important just like the unity of command as if one person leads the team, all the planning is made by a single mind and the leading is much simpler since the team members need to work according to the plan.

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